Every player who steps onto an OCVL court must complete a waiver. There are two ways for a player to complete their waiver form:

  1. They can do so by accessing their My Profile and clicking through the process or,
  2. They can download the waiver (pdf), print it, fill it out, sign it, scan it and email it to maryh.ocvl@gmail.com .

Once that has been completed, captains will notice that the player’s status changes on their team roster.

Please note that ONLY THE PLAYER may submit their waiver form. A captain or any person other than the player may not agree to the waiver online.

Also, players under the age of 18 at the time of registration, MUST print a waiver form and have their parent or guardian sign it.

Attention all Captains!!

Waiver forms must be submitted for EVERY player, even spares! If the league does not receive waivers for all players prior to their stepping onto the court, all games in which that player participated in will be defaulted!

Additional waiver forms (for spare players) will be available in the bags which hold the score sheets in each gym. “Spare” players need to complete and sign these forms before stepping onto the court. It is the captain’s responsibility to ensure that their players are entered into the system, and have signed and returned their waiver form prior to playing.

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