Registration Information

Team registration is currently closed.
Note: Please refer to the OCVL Return to Play Protocal for all information about the 2021 Season.

Registration for the season begins in August of each year and is conducted through the OCVL website. To be considered officially registered with the league, all teams must register and pay for their team by TBA.

Teams whose forms are received after this date will be placed on a waiting list. Teams on the waiting list will only be accepted in the league if there is space and/or more teams are required in order to facilitate the organization of the qualifying/ranking tournaments.

Online Registration:

This website is the OCVL’s main administration tool. It will contain all of the league’s scheduling, team and player information. All payments, player and team registrations are to be done online.

Team captains (or team owners) are responsible for:

  • Registering the team
  • Inviting players to their roster
  • Ensuring player waivers are completed online
  • Payment of team fee and bond

Players must register online as a league member, each season. Player profiles must be fully completed and up-to-date with current contact information and completed waiver forms.

Coaches, team managers, team owners, etc. must also register online with current contact information.

Spares must register as a player and complete all the online information requested. Only captains and team administrators will be able to view this list when inviting players to join their team.

Already an OCVL member? Can’t remember your login credentials?

Please use the “Forgot Password“ function on the logon page. If you do not know your username, please contact the webmaster for help. Please do not create a duplicate account.

How to register a team?

Once you are registered as a league member (player, coach, manager, etc.), click the “Register a Team” button. Once you’ve created your team, you will be registered as the captain and will have access to team management functions.

You may now begin adding players to your roster from the player database. Returning teams can carry forward players from last years team roster.

We recommend that a second team member be granted the “team administrator” role, so they can perform team captain duties.

New players/spares:

If you are looking for a team to join, visit the OCVL Player and Networking Facebook site to see if a team is looking for players. Then register here as a player and/or spare. You will be asked to enter the following information:

  • contact information,
  • your height,
  • positions played,
  • volleyball experience,
  • division(s) you want to play in,
  • your appropriate level of play, and
  • your handedness (left or right).

This information will populate a list of players looking to play on a team or spare (play when needed). Captains (team administrators) use this list when inviting players to join their team or when asking them to try out. Only league members will have access to this list and only captains and league administrators will have access to your contact information.

All players must sign the general player waiver, and the new concussion waiver(s), before playing a match.

How do I join a team?

Once registered as a player, click “Join a Team”, select the division and team you wish to join and click “Send Request”. You are not officially on a team until the captain or team administrator accepts your request. Captains or team administrators can also ask registered players to join their team. Players are not officially a part of a team until both the captain and the player have agreed online.

Fees & Payment

The league fees for this year will be TBA per team for the season. The qualifying/ranking tournaments, regular season, and playoffs are included in the league fees. Teams are also required to pay a TBA team bond.

The bond fee is a deposit which the league retains to cover any fines during the season for things like uniform violations, defaults, etc. The bond fee is owned by the captain of the team or the team owner and can be transferrable to another player/team, upon the captain or team owners request only. The remaining bond fee is fully refundable the following year if the team does not re-register their team for the following season. The executive director will contact the team captain or team owner and make necessary arrangements to refund the bond amount owing by November of the following season. For returning teams, the remaining bond can be applied to the new season.

For New Teams:
League Fees: TBA
Total due: TBA

For Returning Teams:
League Fees: TBA

Payment of fees is done online using PayPal. All fees are due by TBA. Payments received after this date will result in that team being placed on a waiting list.

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