Registration Information

To be considered officially registered with the league, all teams must register and pay for their team by Tuesday, September 3rd.

Teams whose forms are received after this date will be placed on a waiting list. Teams on the waiting list will only be accepted in the league if there is space and/or more teams are required in order to facilitate the organization of the qualifying tournaments.

Online Registration

This website is the OCVL’s main communication and administration tool. All of the league’s scheduling, team and player information are kept on the website. All payments, player and team registrations are to be done online as well. Accordingly, all persons registering a team (i.e. team captains and assistant captains), as well as all players joining a team, must provide a valid email address to the league where they can be reached daily for important league announcements.

Team captains must ensure that all their team mates are properly registered with valid email addresses.

How do I register a team?

Once you are registered as a league member (player, coach, manager, etc.), just click the "Register a Team" button. Once you've created your team, you will be the captain and will have access to team management functions.

All players wishing to play on your team are also required to register with the league.

NOTE: Once you are registered as a team captain, you may create a team and begin building it online without paying. However, team registration is not complete until payment is received.

In addition to the captain, each team is required to have a second team member that can perform captain duties. Any team member can be granted the "team administrator" role.

How do I join a team?

If you have a team to join, just register and click "Join a Team" when complete. You are not officially on a team until the captain (team administrator) accepts your request.

If you don't have a team to join, you can register as a spare. Be sure to add as much information about your volleyball capabilities as possible.

Captains can also ask registered players to join their team. Players are not oficially a part of a team until both the captain and the player have agreed online.

Fees & Payment Options

The league fees for this year will be $2,165 per team for the season. There are no additional fees for the qualifying tournaments at the start of the season. Each team is also required to pay a $150 (plus GST) bond. The bond is a cash deposit which the league retains to cover the fines a team may incur during the season (typical fines are things like uniform violations, defaults, etc.. for more on this, see the section on OCVL Rules). In the event that your team returns the following season, the remaining bond can be applied to the new season.

For New Teams:
League Fees: ($2,165 + 13% HST) + $150
Total Due: $2,596.45

For Returning Teams
League Fees: $2,446.45

Should you have any questions about your team’s bond amount from last year, please send an email to or call John at 613-852-3826. Payment may be made by the team captains online at any time prior to the deadline. Payment of fees is by PayPal. As indicated earlier, all fees are due by Tuesday, September 3rd . Payments received after this date will result in that team being placed on a waiting list.

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