Players, Team Members and Spares

If you are a player without a team, or a player that can't play full-time, you should register as a player.

During the registration process, you will be able to indicate:

  • contact information,
  • your height,
  • positions played,
  • volleyball experience,
  • division(s) you want to play in,
  • your appropriate level of play, and
  • your handedness (left or right).

This information will populate a list of players looking to play on a team or spare (play when needed). Captains (team administrators) use this list when inviting players to join their team or when asking them to try out.

Only league members will have access to this list and only captains and league administrators will have access to your contact information.

Stratosphere Design
Stratosphere Design: LeagueManager (Ver1.0)
7/29/2021 5:08:08 AM