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The OCVL is the National Capital Region’s premiere competitive volleyball league. We have two divisions, Men’s and Women’s, and run from September to April.


Season Delay

As you are aware, the Government of Ontario has moved to a modified stage 2 of the Reopening Ontario and have advised all Athletic Facilities to close until further notice, but at least up to Jan 26th.

This will also delay our season until further notice. Note, we are not cancelling the season at this time and remain hopeful that we can resume play at some point.

No decisions have been made re refunds/rebates or extending the season into May 2022 to recover any missed games. If we can extend into May, it will only be the first couple of weeks and will not overlap with any summer beach volleyball season.

January 4, 2022
Highlights of Changes to Return to Play Protocols
Rules clarification
  • Re-ranking of the teams within the tier is done by number of games won (not sets, not score*).
  • At the end of week 2, teams will move up and down the ladder as follows, based on week 2 results only:
    • Team 1 will move up to the tier above as Team 3 in that tier.
    • Team 2 will stay in the existing tier as Team 2.
    • Team 3 will go down a tier as Team 1 in that tier.
  • The results from week 1 will play an important role if there’s a tie in week 2 because of ranking. Plus, Teams 1 & 2 have a better schedule.
  • There are 3 possible outcomes:
    1. 2 wins, 1 win, 0 wins
    2. Each team has 1 win (3-way tie)
    3. 2-way tie due to time cap*
  • 2-way tie – use points for-and-against, if points are even, teams will maintain the existing rank.
  • 1 time-out permitted per set, no time-outs in the 3rd set.
  • Capacity limits are now removed from each facility.
  • Spectators are still not permitted because we need to do contact tracing for each game.
  • Game ball to be used is the new Mikasa “V200W” indoor volleyball, then the older model Mikasa MVA200, the Tachikara or Baden (in that order)
La Cite
  • Must scan the Visitor QR code inside the front entrance, complete Cite’s online Health Assessment, scan your Ontario vaccination certificate or show proof of vaccination to the security guard along with your ID each night.
  • We are permitted into the facility before 6pm provided the team/games before our organization arrives has left. Otherwise, you can wait in the hallway.
  • Teams in the late time slot are permitted inside the gymnasium 10 mins before their games start.
  • If games are not finished by 8:25pm, a 3rd set will be permitted to 11 past the 8:30pm deadline. Late games will start a bit later. If late games are not finished by 10:55pm, a 3rd set will be permitted to 11 past the 11:00pm deadline.
  • Teams are not permitted in the gym before 8:45pm. We need to wait until the group before us leaves the gym.
  • Waiting to enter the gym is done in the hallway outside of the gymnasium.
  • When you arrive on campus, you must scan the QR code and sign into your account and complete Carleton’s Health Assessment. If your status is green, you can go in.
  • Game times start at 9:10pm
Nepean Sportsplex
  • Captains are responsible for viewing and ensuring all players have proof of full vaccination, including spares.
  • Captains or team administrators are responsible for ensuring all players, including spares, have completed their ‘Health Check’ and their status is green.
  • One person from each team is required to sign-in at the sport desk. It is recommended that the captain or team administrator complete this.
  • Team 2 is responsible for set-up of the nets, while Teams 1 & 3 begin their warm-up. Nepean Sportsplex staff will do take-down.
  • The OCVL duffle bag will be left at the facility behind the front desk. It will contain the OCVL rules, score sheets, scoreboards, sanitizing wipes and hand sanitizer. Teams are asked to grab this bag and return it to the front desk at the end of the night.
  • Washrooms and changerooms are available.
Redeemer Christian H.S.
  • Showing proof of full vaccination and ID will be required to enter this facility (once).
  • Teams are now permitted in the gym before their start time: 6pm and 8:30pm.
  • The doors are to be locked at this facility at all times. Entry of the teams will be permitted at 5:45pm and 8:15pm.
  • If games are not finished by 8:25pm, a 3rd set will be permitted to 11 past the 8:30pm deadline. Late games will start a bit later. If late games are not finished by 10:55pm, a 3rd set will be permitted to 11 past the 11:00pm deadline.
  • Attendance reports to be completed within 24 hours
  • Arrive early and get ready to play before your game time. Games must begin on time at Cite & Redeemer to avoid the hard time caps.
  • Mask must be worn when you are sitting on the side lines or walking through the building.
  • Sanitize hands often and clean the volleyballs with the wipes provided.
  • Hand slapping is not permitted
  • Numbered jerseys are required by all players, matching uniforms are not required
  • Score sheets must be completed with the team roster, game line up, final score, the game winner and the ranking from the night in the designated section
October 31, 2021
Captain's Meeting (October 14th from 7-9pm)

For all of you that attended the virtual meeting, thank you.

Here is the presentation: OCVL Captain's Meeting, 2021-10-14

Here are the Qs and As: Questions and Answers


Hello everyone,

Registration for the 2021-2022 season will be closed on September 30, 2021.

With the recent Provincial Health Order, our gymnasiums have mandatory double vaccination requirements, NO exemptions are permitted for medical reasons or under 18 years of age. We understand this may be inconvenient, but our rental agreements will not permit exemptions at most facilities because we are visitors on site. Please keep this in mind as you form your teams.

To accommodate as many teams as possible, we are considering changing to a 3-team format, mini-round robin, using our current 3-team format as listed on our website. However, we do have a lead on additional gym space and I expect to hear from them shortly. As a result, league fees are still not finalized. Once this additional space is finalized, I will confirm the amounts ASAP.

We will finalize the season no later than Oct. 8th.

Payment will be required by Oct 14th.

Our season will start on October 18 & 19.

All of our COVID-19 protocols and changes for the season will be outlined shortly, once we finalize the gyms. I will be hosting a webinar with all captains on Oct 14th from 7-9pm.

If you have any questions/concerns/suggestions or leads on gym space, please contact Mary Hutchison at maryh.ocvl@gmail.com or call 613-612-7325.


September 26, 2021

Hello everyone,

The start of the season will be delayed to the week of October 18th. The season will be reduced to 19 weeks (instead of 22 weeks) and 3 weeks of playoffs. The new calendar is posted and league fees will be reduced as a result.

We do have some gymnasiums confirmed for use and have a lead on a couple more that we expect to hear from this week. Failing to get further gyms, we are considering switching to a 3 team tier, round robin format in an attempt to accommodate all registered teams.

Registration will remain open for now and payment is still not required.

FYI - We do not require proof of COVID-19 vaccinations but our facilities do. We are continually monitoring provincial rule changes regarding COVID-19 and how they impact us and the use of our facilities.

I want to thank everyone for their support during this time. We all want to play and I really want to get this league going.

If you have any questions/concerns/suggestions or leads on gym space, please contact Mary Hutchison at maryh.ocvl@gmail.com or call 613-612-7325.


September 7, 2021
Registration is now open

Please note that we are taking registration of teams for the 2021-2022 season, without payment at this time. We are still awaiting gym permits and requirements from all facilities and will make adjustments to the calendar, rules and league fees, as a result of any COVID requirements and/or restrictions. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Mary Hutchison at maryh.ocvl@gmail.com or call 613-612-7325.

August 16, 2021
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